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    December 10, 2012
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f0 you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. a mystery invasion at california beaches. hundreds upon hundreds of squid. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. now, they washed up all of a sudden, along a 12-mile stretch of beach. cbs 5 reporter kiet do on the theory about where all that squid came from and how people have been out there trying to save them. >> reporter: the beaches of santa cruz county are littered with the carcasses of thousands of squid. they've stranded themselves in a span of 12 miles.
>> you see them essentially killing themselves and it's just really weird to see it. >> reporter: it happened yesterday during high tide. some people actually tried to put them back in the water. but researcher hannah says the deep-water creatures just swam back to shore. >> it might be that they don't understand what's going on around them and they don't realize, if they swim toward the shore, they're gonna run out of water eventually. >> reporter: they're juveniles, both male and female. a few had also cannibalized each other, which is normal. to be honest, researchers have no idea why this is happening but they think it's because the squid have eaten toxic algae. >> that could be causing they will to be disoriented. >> reporter: scientists believe
el nino weather patterns may have drawn them to the cooler waters of california. >> it's really an exploratory time for us. we're learning more about what causes these strandings and whether or not we should be worried about them or if it's just a natural part of the squid cycle. >> reporter: kiet do, cbs 5. crab is hard to find in stores and restaurants these days. it's been six days since the boats went out. crabbers are still on strike, upset over wholesalers attempts to lower prices. we learned today that oregon is delaying the opening of its crab season until december 30. that should keep bay area crabbers a little more leverage. four pipe bombs in four days in one bay area town. the latest, outside pleasant hill elementary school. students had to evacuate today. and tonight, cbs 5 reporter christin ayers is telling us the question on everyone's mind, are there any more out there? >> reporter: for the second
time since friday, a bomb squad detonated an explosive device found near a school campus in pleasant hill. >> it looked like that it had been lit but did not go off. it didn't detonate. >> reporter: the discovery came three days after a group of five area teenagers were detained, accused of setting off a mailbox bomb friday night and planting another at a nearby high school. bomb squads had to detonate that one too and they found a third bomb in the car the teens were driving. >> i can remember being in bed with kittens and something blew up. >> reporter: police say it's unclear whether this is the work of the same team. the teens claim the bombs they were arrested with were the only ones they had. but today's discovery of yet another bomb has neighbors wondering whether this was a misguided prank or something more sinister. >> if you're putting a bomb in
a mailbox, somebody could open it and get hurt. somebody could be walking by and get hurt. that's serious. >> we can only hope there aren't more. we can only hope it's not going to be a rash of them. >> reporter: again, no one heard in any of those incidents -- no one hurt in any of those incidents. live in pleasant hill, christin ayers, cbs 5. she killed her friend in a jealous rage over a guy. today, gisele escobar received her punishment. the judge sentenced her to 25 years to life. esteban killed 26-year-old michelle lee, a nursing student. she showed no emotion in court today. >> maybe she will never feel
remorse. >> michelle lee and gisele esteban were high school friends but esteban mistakenly believed her old classmate was involved with her ex-boyfriend and the father of her oldest child. in san pablo, a little girl has been orphaned. police found them inside. edgar was dead. blanca died shortly afterwards. police told me earlier tonight that they hope witnesses will come forward. >> oftentimes a person will say, you know, i heard something, but they think it's not significant. they don't call and we really want them to call because those insignificant teams, that they believe are insignificant, are very significant to us. >> both victims were 30 years old. their four-year-old daughter was not hurt. she is now with child protective services. investigators say it will take days to find out why
singer jenni rivera's plane went down. tonight, from california to mexico, tearful fans set up shrines and memorials. and rivera's brother thanked them for their support. >> our family is going through a very difficult time. we are strong and we will continue to stay strong. we thank god for the life that he has given my sister, through all the triumphs and success she has had. >> len ramirez spoke to her bay area fans. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: it seemed jenni rivera's life and career were reaching a high point. for her many fans on both sides of the mexican-american board, it made news of her plane crash and sudden death all the more difficult to take. >> i don't think, really,
nobody can believe what happened. it's so sad. >> reporter: rivera was a rarity in the recording industry, a rising star who was also a middle-aged mother of five. she was a working single mom who hit it big and crossed over. born in southern california to mexican parents, she spoke perfect english and spanish. she had a successful career in music and reality tv. >> there's vigils. people are hurt. >> reporter: san jose singer and radio personality reno says she wasn't shy about letting the world know about her problems and failed marriages. >> her music portrayed the women can do it too, you know, kind of like a feminist thing. you know, if i did it, you can do it. if you have kids, if your in a tough relationship, you can still make it. >> reporter: to the many working moms in the mexican- american community, she was a favorite and a role model. >> she was an example, because
i'm a single mother too. she tried very hard to help her kids. >> a sad day for you? >> very sad. very sad. >> reporter: in fact, there was word early on that this all might be a hoax, but this afternoon, u.s. and mexican authorities confirmed that jenni rivera's remains were found at the crash site. len ramirez, cbs 5. a man was shot execution style on the streets of manhattan today. brandon woodward was from los angeles. a suspect walked up behind the victim and shot him in the back of the head and then calmly walked to a waiting car and sped away. it happened right in midtown. no word yet on any motive the body of a navy seal killed in a daring rescue mission is being flown back to the united states. randall pinkston said the pennsylvania native died saving
the life of a doctor kidnapped from the taliban. >> reporter: nicolas checque was a member of the seal. on his latest mission, he and his team were called in to rescue a doctor. last wednesday, east of kabul, that taliban forces kidnapped if joseph and two afghan staff members. u.s. officials say the taliban demanded $100,000 random for joseph, money his contain did not have. on saturday night, the navy seales, including petty officer nicolas checque, launched an assault. nicolas checque was killed by a single gunshot to the head. seven taliban members, who were armed with machine guns, grenade launchers and ak-47's were also killed. joseph was rescued unharmed.
nicolas checque had served in iraq and afghanistan. >> that was his plan. it wasn't college. it wasn't engineering. it was, i'm interested in being in the military. i'm interested in living that lifestyle of serving my country. that's what he wanted to do. >> reporter: nicolas checque's family is asking for privacy. randall pinkston, cbs news. did you see them, the weird life that were spotted above the bay area? what can and can't be ruled out. a new warning about apple maps and a life threatening wrong turn. the new financial experiment. ,,,,,,
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their truck got tangled with two men cheated death not once but twice. take a look at this. their truck got tangled with high-voltage power lines and then burst into flames. it happened has they pulled into the camp wilmont sweeney juvenile detention facility in san leandro this morning.
as the driver and passenger scrambled to escape the fire, they made a split-second decision that saved their lives. >> they jumped out. and they cleared the vehicle completely before they hit the ground. so they didn't have contact with the ground and the vehicle, which would prevent them from being electrocuted. >> no one was hurt. the driver said he thinks the pole may have already been broken and that's why the wires were sagging. he says he stops at camp wilmont sweeney twice a week and had never noticed the power line before. you can call it a close encounter of the bay area kind. a triangle of strange lights hovering in the sky. a couple of people whipped out their phones to capture it. that was video taken on the corner of 16th and valencia. we sent linda yee to find out, what was that? >> up there! look! >> reporter: it was definitely something in the night sky.
enrique barrios took this video of lights. >> it looked like flames, fireballs in the sky. >> reporter: david shelly took these pictures as they hovered over him. >> kind of looked like a fiery, floaty thing. >> strange! >> reporter: so what did dance through the sky over san francisco's mission district? even scientists are not so sure. >> it's not a planet. it's not a constellation. not meteors. not the moon. >> reporter: witnesses said the lights flickered on and off, then took different shapes. >> they kind of looked like flying candles. then they started making triangle formations. >> reporter: but there could be a plausible explanation. >> it looks to me like it could have been balloons carrying lights. >> i am a hundred percent sure this was a ufo. >> you do admit you had a
little christmas cheer? >> absolutely. alcohol was definitely an influence here. >> definitely not a star ship? >> no. >> reporter: one of our viewers named heather e-mailed us and says she swears they're probably paper lanterns, because that's what she saw at six flags discovery park. i checked with the faa. no reports of unusual aircraft flying over the bay area this past weekend. so ken, do you care to weigh in and maybe guess? >> i've known ben a long time. he's never been wrong. and you understand it couldn't be a star ship because that travels at warp speed. everyone knows that. >> reporter: whatever. >> linda yee on a mission tonight. thank you, linda. errors in apple's mapping application are leading australian drivers into life- threatening situations. drivers have been led to a remote state park. it's a park with extremely high temperatures and virtually no
phone reception. at least four people have needed to be rescued. apple says it has updated its new maps after police put out a warning. looks like the new university of california logo is here to stay, that despite over 42,000 petition signatures against it. the new, more modern uc logo came out, but critics say it doesn't match the elegance of the old mark. just doesn't make any sense. >> it's just a rubber stamp nothing, doesn't mean anything. >> the regents say it is more versatile, easier to work with online, and despite the petition, they're getting a lot of favorable feedback as well. the old logo will still be used on diplomas and university letterhead. this guy must be a sound
sleeper. he slept through two trees crashing into his home. it landed on a house in oakland hills. he said he heard something but thought he was dreaming. that's the hole the tree put in the kitchen. all four tenants are sleeping somewhere else tonight. let's see if he sleeps through this. the numbers are mostly in the 40's. we've got numbers beginning to collapse after record-high temperatures in the bay area. we do have rain coming in on thursday. let's look at the right now temperatures. san jose at 51 and santa rosa, 43. here's how it looks now as the sun sank slowly in the west. this is a few miles south of santa cruz. but look a little more closely at the water. the tides at ocean beach are
beginning to rise. nothing unusual. the earth now being at its closest approach to the sun, so the next couple of days we're gonna have the highest tides of the season. you'll see the low-lying shore area around mill valley. the highway 1 exit often floods at this time of year. we had a record high in santa rosa of 68. and in the headlines, things are all going to change. cooler tomorrow. clouds will be on the increase. then rain and cold late tuesday. temperatures are going to collapse, out the door tomorrow morning. it won't be bad. mid 50's. it's wednesday we're really going to feel the big chill coming down from alaska. frigid air on the way. general motors brand. expect wet on wednesday. heading out to the central valley, they've got dense fog advisories posted in the morning hours. low 60's in the extended
forecast. we're going to be looking at rain on wednesday. thursday and friday look okay. but then it looks like we get another slug of showers coming in on sunday. and that's how it looks. get ready for a cool change in the bay area. >> cool. >> sounds good. coming up, are you wasting your money? how you can cleanse your bad spending habits. ,,,,
experiment that will show yu wasting don't spend a penny the entire week. there's a new experiment that will show you where and when you're wasting your money. cbs 5 reporter julie watts on the financial cleanse. >> so this is my own spreadsheet. >> reporter: she may be more organized than most, but catherine is just like everyone else when it comes to spending. >> $4 on coffee. my mobile phone bill, cable, internet. i went out to lunch. got my hair cut. and i brought a hair care products. >> reporter: items a financial adviser admits may not be necessary. >> money is very tight right now. >> reporter: so they are conducting an experiment in frugality. they're not spending any money at all for seven days, a financial cleanse that she hopes will pay off. >> i get to have my leftover
salad from yesterday. >> it's a good opportunity, because we do sometimes spend excessively. >> reporter: and her teenage daughter is on board too. >> i think i might learn about more impulse control. that will be good, for all of us. >> reporter: but not even is thrilled about going without the coffee and snacks they like to buy on the run. >> i'll just have coffee here or at the office. >> reporter: to prepare, the family stocked the kitchen and paid their bills in advance. they also purchased their hanukkah gifts early and limited themselves to one gift apiece. she hopes it will change her family's spending habits and values for good. >> perhaps there are things we're spending money on that make no difference to us whatsoever. >> i will be following up with them in about a week to find out just how they did. a bizarre shopping experience at ikea has gone viral. >> take a look at this.
this monkey, in a fine coat, got loose from his owner's car and was running around in toronto. now, monkeys are prohibited as pets, so the owner was fined $240. the little guy, named darwin -- very appropriate -- was turned over to a primate sanctuary. >> not something you see everybody. stuff flying around the skies in san francisco and monkeys walking around in fur coats. what is going on with the niners? jim harbaugh suspending one of his players. and let's just change their name to the road warriors. they are making history, folks! we'll show you how, next. ,,,,,, you won't take my life.
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the goldens state warriors well, 21 games is a pretty good sample. safe to say it is game on for the golden state warriors. stephen curry, on his return to charlotte. curry gave away 73 tickets to the game and did not disappoint. he had 27 points tonight.
in fact, the warriors sank 13 of their first. lastly, in the third quarter, the steal. warriors win 104-98. with their fourth victory, they are guaranteed a winning seven game road trip for the first time since... it was 1970 when apollo 13 had a successful failure. richard nixon was in the white house and gas was 36 cents a gallon. yes, warriors are making history. football coach mike macintyre is the new football coach. colorado hired macintyre to be their new man. he takes over a program that won just four games in their first two years. mike macintyre coached the spartans to their first ten-win
season since 1987. >> i'm gonna do whatever colorado wants me to do. i got a lot of work to do. my heart is at the bowl game, but my mind and body is here working. 49ers suspended running back jacobs for the rest of the season. jacobs is frustrated, saying that this is, quote, the worst year i ever had. he's played in only two games this year. back to mike macintyre. he says he can recruit. and he kicks off the top five. >> let my beautiful wife stand up, my wife, trisha. from looking at her, you can definitely tell i can recruit. okay? the pats routed the 11-1 houston texans. pats win 42-14.
former nba all-star mcgrady. and no. 2, when is your face better than your foot? the player tried to clear it but instead it kicked off his face and goes into his own neck. check out this cat. the defender kicks the frisbee up. unbelievable. you know, a little fact you probably don't know at home, and ken, elizabeth, but it is self-officiating frisbee. >> like golf. >> exactly. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
hathaway. our next newscast is tomorrw morning at 4-30. david letterman is next with ann hathaway. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from new york, the greatest city in the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra.